• For companies that are affiliated to an industry-wide pension fund and are interested in reducing pension costs and improving accrual.  
  • For companies that have placed their current pension scheme with an insurer and are looking for a solution that is more in line with the wishes and needs of the company.
  • For companies that do not yet have a scheme.
  • Multinationals.
  • For people who are looking for a solution for their accrued value.
  • Self-employed person without personnel.

Is it possible to leave an Industry Pension Fund?

Most employers and employees are obliged to join an Industry Pension Fund. Almost all pension funds have increased premiums and reduced pensions in the last few years.

At a first glance, it seem that you are unable to do something about it. But does such a mandatory pension still fit your company?

Worldwide Pensions has developed a total solution in which it is possible to get out of the Industry Pension Fund. A solution that greatly reduces pension costs and improves pensions. In addition, a solution that allows employers and employees to manage the pension themselves.

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