Worldwide Pensions develops, builds and manages pension funds. Located in The Netherlands as well as in Malta, we offer tailor made, tax efficient and flexible solutions. For companies, self-employed and individuals. Both national and international.

We helped a lot of companies improving their pension plan, amongst others: Plegt-Vos and BOOKING.COM. 

'As a good employer, we wanted to become more attractive on the labor market. Not only to commit employees to us but also to get new talent on board. For this we wanted to develop a flexible and modern package of employment benefits. The pension plan was an important part of this. Due to the low interest rates and the increase in longevity, the costs increased and the accrual was austerity. Because we were bound to the collective labor agreements of the Construction Industry, the space was limited. In our search for a solution we came into contact with Worldwide Pensions. Their research showed that many functions within our company were not CLA bound. This created room for us to offer our employees a different package of employment benefits. With the pension as a peg, together with Worldwide Pensions we have built our own pension fund and a modern and flexible package of employee benefits which met all our requirements. This way, the costs became fully manageable for us, while our employees benefited good progress in terms of net wages. Some with more than 100 euros per month. For us it was important that the employees were completely free in their choice of joining the new Scheme. Worldwide Pensions has fully guided the introduction and communication. Because of their involvement and expertise more than 90% of the people decided to participate in the new Scheme by which, our goal was achieved'. Jan Snijders, Director Vos Industrial Group