Customised Pension Fund

The Customised Pension Fund offers the possibility to fully adjust the pension based on the specific requirements of the company.

For example, this solution provides complete of design when it comes to asset management, and various guarantees can be built in at multiple levels.

In addition, within this product it has a tailor-made survivor's provision which offers a regular survivors pension, with a net benefit upon death.


Does your company have branches abroad? Then our Multinational Pension Fund is ideally suited as it is a cross-border pension fund for employees of the entire group, regardless of where they are located.

Within this fund, various pension schemes can be implemented, whilst administration, asset management and insurance are centrally managed.

This way, risks can easily be shared and the total pension costs will be greatly reduced. Moreover, employees do not have to switch pension funds should they transfer to a different location, which results in a significant reduction in administration costs.


The SME Pension Fund combines pensions from several companies. This solution has a one-size-fits-all investment strategy: it is conservative yet with a focus on retaining the premiums deposited.

The risks and costs are shared with each other within this fund and this ensures that the cost price can be kept to a minimum. In addition, it is also possible to scale up to a Customised or Multinational Pension Fund in the future.

Global Citizens PENSIOn Fund

More and more people are working internationally and are accruing pensions in different countries. This is inefficient and often causes problems at time of payment.

Especially for this group of people, we have developed a solution in which the pension is built up centrally. It does not matter in which country someone works; The Global Citizens Pension Fund.

With this product, a pension is built up and managed within the EU in the individuals own name. It is not only possible to pay pension contributions, but also to transfer previously accrued pensions (built up with previous employers at home and abroad) into this product.