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4 steps to the best company pension

To be able to build the best occupational retirement scheme, the pension must be completely in sync with the needs of the company, and the expectations of the employee, instead the other way around. In just 4 steps we enable companies to achieve exactly this.

Step 1: Insight

What does your company do? Who are your staff? What are your requirements? Working in unison with you, we answer these questions to identify the preconditions of the scheme. This is recorded in a PensionBluePrint. 

Step 2: development

The PensionBluePrint is the guideline for calculating a number of scenarios. Based on this, choices can be made and the perfect pension for your company can be created by working together, step by step.

Step 3: Inform

Informing and communicating are key. By means of clear presentations and transparent facts and figures, all participants are kept well and truly, in the loop.

Step 4: management

The administration and communication of the scheme is made available to all stakeholders online. The advantages are:    

  1. Reducing cost and time   
  2. Open lines of communication
  3. Your pension plan will grow and develop as your company evolves.