Participation and Control

The stakes in pensions are large which in turn, amount to a substantial amount of money that belongs to both you, the employer and the employees. We believe that as it is your money, you should have a say in where it is and what is done with it. At Worldwide Pensions, we strive to keep you involved at every stage, and to inform you in a timely manner on any changes. 

Cross-Border can be used

A cross-border pension fund can be set up for all employees and there are no restrictions on where they are living, or based. This offers convenience and reduces costs, allowing you to continue focusing on your international expansion without getting tied down with administration. Within this fund, various pension schemes can be implemented, while administration, asset management and insurance are centrally managed. By facilitating a shared service centre for all pensions, risks can easily be shared, and the total pension costs will be greatly reduced. 

grip on pension costs

Let the pension match the specific wishes and needs of the company. This way you only pay for what you use and what you need. Moreover, the company keeps full control of its costs.

payment on death

If a death cover is chosen, an amount will be paid out in the event of an unexpected death. This can be in the form of a lifelong survivor's pension, a one-off fixed benefit or a combination of both. This way, this coverage can be fully adapted to the requirements of your company.

Online convenience

Our company pensions are fully implemented online which helps to account for immense savings in time and costs. By linking up with the salary package, the pension scheme is always up to date and errors are reduced to almost zero. Communication with the employees is also carried out via the online platform and care is taken that the correct information is provided at all times, meaning you can rest assured in our dedication to duty of care and adherence to legal requirements.

Improve pension accrual

‘Pension build-up’ is all about how the money is invested as well as return and risk, quality and costs. We understand this and by working together, we can find the best strategy for you, your company and your employees. For this to work, it is important that the company is completely free in the choice for asset management, allowing more profitable investments to be used. There is a simple calculation for this: 1% improvement in the return gives on average 20% improved pension accrual.